Professional photo workshops at the Angkor temples for more than 7 years by pro-photographer based in Siem Reap Cambodia. We offer high-class instructed photography tours/workshops for all levels during a full-day course at the temples of Angkor.

Our mission is to show you the best spots and locations in Angkor and Cambodia during your photo tour and workshop, by sharing our experience and knowledge of photography to help you understand your equipment and archieve your goals, and to take you on incredible photo tours and workshops that will inspire you for the rest of your life.

1 day photography workshop at the temples of Angkor

all year round


"Get your cameras out and follow Eric along the temples of Angkor…"

Professional Photo Workshops at the Angkor Temples Siem Reap

Professional photography workshops at the Angkor temples for more than 8 years by pro-photographer based in Siem Reap Cambodia. We offer high-class in-depth instructed photo workshops for all levels during our full-day courses at the majestic temples of Angkor.

We’ll teach you about camera settings, composing and framing your photographs perfectly in a creative way. Our mission is to show you the best spots and locations in Angkor and Cambodia during your photo tour and workshop, by sharing our experience and knowledge of photography to help you understand your equipment and archieve your goals, and to take you on incredible photo tours and workshops that will inspire you for the rest of your life.

Exquisite one day photography workshop with pro-photographer Eric d Vries showing the Angkor Park Highlights, the beautiful spots. And Eric knows them pretty well after being at the Angkor temples over 600 times. The tour and workshops comes with camera instructions by the photographer who also will show and challenge you to get the perfect composition and framing of your pictures.
This photo tour includes sunrise at Angkor, the colours of Preah Khan, the faces of The Bayon, the famous tree roots of Ta Prohm, details of the Leper King Terrace and more photogenic spots all trying to avoid the big crowds…

During our lunch break (2 hrs) we will have a closer look at the pictures you’ve been taken in the morning.



US$ 295 (1 and/or 2 persons)

Full day from 5am to 6pm but can change on clients wish.
Pick up/drop off at hotel.

Full tuition (camera settings, light, composition)
Transport by tuktuk (cool drinking water on board)
Lunch at one of the best restaurants inside Angkor Park

Park entrance fee (US$ 37 p.p.)

*A half day temple photo tour/workshop is an option

Get inspired by the photographs on this website and join me with your camera for some time at the temples of Angkor. We will try to avoid the big crowds by running our own schedule. Transport (yes we’ll pick you up from your hotel) and lunch are included for the full-day workshop.

Besides the usual color photography we like to challenge you for some black & white shots of selected Angkor highlights. We show you how…

For more information on available dates please go to the contact form down below.
Our policy is to reply within 24 hours with availability.
  Eric d Vries, that’s me… professional photographer, instructor… I have held a camera in my hands for as long I can remember. I have worked as a professional photographer for 25 years after starting as an assistant-photographer during a 2-year study at FotoVakSchool in The Netherlands. I have photographed for a long list of corporations and product manufacturers while working in a photo studio but also did press photography for a couple of newspapers and magazines back in the 90s. For the past seven years I have been instructing photo tours and workshops in Cambodia for my own business Photo Cambodia and also for a number of exclusive travel companies. Home base in Cambodia for the last 10 years (after visiting the beautiful country for the first time in April 2000) I live with my wife and three kids in Siem Reap, close the temples of Angkor….


What the people say... (reviews on Tripadvisor)

What a perfect day!
I found Eric´s tour and workshop here on TA and I am so glad that I did!
Being an amatour/hobby photographer I booked my first phototour ever wanting a great tour around Angkor with a professional photographer who could show and teach me more about photography in the middle of a great wonder - the Angkor complex!Had a full day tour - Eric picked us up at 5:00am heading for sunrise at Angkor Wat. During our day we also visited Preah Khan, the Terrace of the Leper King, the Bayon temple and a great photoshoot with monks at Prasat Kleang. Eric knows the complex very well and picked the perfect timing for visiting the different temples. I was very glad that he took us to places less crowded and with few other tourists, making the photo opportunities even better and I could take my time.. Eric was a great teacher - pointing out great objects, creative compositions - thought me to work with the elements, the light and made me thinking in new ways choosing my photo objects.
And not to forget - he was very patient with me - thank you Eric, you´re the best! We had a great lunch in the middle of the day and cold water was provided for on a very hot day. We returned to our hotel around 4:00 pm after a great day out! Looking back on that day and at my photos - going on the photo tour with Eric was dollars very well spent! "Make it darker" has been ringing in my head since this day - AKON Eric! A day I will remember forever! Highly recommended, you will not regret it!

Amazing Photo Workshop with Eric
If photography is your interest, you will not go wrong taking a workshop with Eric. I took the day tour starting with the Angkor Wat sunrise. Throughout the day, Eric challenged me to improve my compositions (no small task!) and taught me a lot more about using the various settings on my camera. He is an amazing instructor and this is one of the best workshops I have taken. He is patient, instructive and does it all with a sense of humor. I doubt I would have any decent images of Angkor without this tour. I highly recommend him!

Prior to my day with Eric, I will admit I was very apprehensive and nervous being the novice "auto" shooter that I was. I have a camera on auto and that was all I worked. Eric turned me into a Manual Setting kind of gal. His approach to teaching, his techniques, his personality, his day planned to perfection has made me want to practice exactly what he preached in a very unpreachy way.....does that make any sense? All his prior reviews ring true. Thanks Eric for being the photo guru......

Great photography tour
Eric picked me up at the hotel at 5:00am and we headed off for sunrise at Angkor Wat. I'd been there a few days earlier in the afternoon and Eric used a different path which took us down to the waters edge in front of the temple. Lots of people around but had our spot ready as the sun rose. After that it was to the South Gate at Angkor Thom but managed to squeeze in a photo of a Buddha on the way out when Eric demonstrated his creative eye in his composition. Really enjoyed our time at the Terrace of the Leper King which contains some great carvings with some colour relief. I really liked Eric's style. He spoke about what he tries to do and then issues a challenge to take a photo incorporating different elements and then comparing both attempts. I thought the benefit would be of going round with someone who would be able to take me to places that were less crowded but which deserved attention and Eric certainly did this but he also got me thinking of new ways of looking at images.

My Favorite
My day with Eric and his photography tour was probably my favorite vacation day ever. Why? Because Eric is: talented, organized, funny, and insightful. He walked into our hotel to pick us up for the tour and immediately noticed that I had just used the flash on my camera...a no-no for a street photographer. And then it was uphill from there...a day of pure enjoyment. He had all our locations and transportation to them totally organized. He took us to a small village and its market that we would never have seen on our own...where the people there were familiar enough with him to allow us to photograph them. Another example of his planning and attention to detail was his taking us to an empty pagoda where he closed every window but one which then let in a stream of light that fell directly onto the face of a statue which we could then photograph. Later, after providing us with a terrific lunch he led us down a river to a remote floating village- another great target to shoot with our cameras. As a teacher ( as I am myself) Eric is top- notch, offering criticism and praise; and he can take it as well as dish it out. Lastly, I must say that Eric created a monster....he converted my wife from a novice to now a passionate photographer. Eric, you're the best!



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